Artificial grass comes with a lot of benefits. It doesn’t need watering so if there is a shortage of water or drought season you don’t have to worry about the life of grass, it doesn’t need mowing or feeding. You don’t have to worry about its seasonal green color it has that catchy green color all year long no matter what the season is. And it gives the same soft gentle touch of original grass when you walk on it. It can be very difficult to judge if it’s a real grass of artificial one especially form a distance. There is a wide range of different types of artificial grass available, so if you are thinking to give a catchy look to your personal lawn or kids play area and also commercial use like golf course or outdoor soccer fields then artificial grass is the best option. It has not just become more environments friendly but also eliminates the problems of itchy skin, mud and ruts. More and more people are shifting towards artificial grass now because of the lots of benefits it is providing like it’s easy to maintain nature, cost effective and comes in a wide range of variety for different purposes.

Different Types of Artificial Grass

As mentioned earlier artificial grass comes in a wide range of variety for different purposes like for home lawns, kids playgrounds, dog run, playing felids etc. Different range of artificial grass products is as follows:

Nutmeg Lush

If you are looking to give your backyard a great catchy look and a long lasting life then nutmeg lush is the type of artificial grass you are looking for. It has very strong blades but yet provides the most soft and gentle feel when you touch it. It gives that flashy green color in sunny weather that gives your backyard a dazzling look. Nutmeg is best choice if your backyard is in active use in daily routine it’s resilient blades give the grass a long life even in most active backyards.

HG Rey

If you are working on a landscape beautification project then HD Rey is an excellent choice for your project. The main feature of this artificial grass for which it is famous for is its delicacy and the natural look it gives to the viewer. Its natural look can be used in variety of applications in home or in commercial use like tennis courts, golf course etc. The product needs a very low maintenance and can last for ages. So if you are looking to give a beautiful realistic natural look to your lawn or any other grass related application HG Rey is the choice to make.


It is considered the most real looking artificial grass. This artificial grass is ideal for almost every application it is used in, whether it’s your front yard, backyard, lawn or any playing area. It gives an ideal result if used in all landscape beautification projects. Due to its realistic appearance it is in very high demand. It is a natural beautiful looking artificial grass designed to boost the look of your home and other properties.


The world is full of dog lovers and if you are one of them and have a dog in your home then pedigree is the type of artificial grass you want in your home. It is an ideal choice for commercial dog parks and for your dog yard. It’s easily maintained and quickly cleans up structure helps the dog owner in a lot of ways. So if you are having a dog then do yourself a favor don’t for a minute and install pedigree artificial grass in your home right now.

Professional Putting Green

Professional Putting Green (PPG) is an artificial turf bent grass system. Its design is made keeping a passionate golfer in mind. This artificial turf can hold shots from up to 120 yards adjustable stimp speeds of 10-13mph. It’s a very smooth grass that keeps the ball going on its natural speed. By playing on this turf the golfer can enjoy the game to its fullest and can see the true progress of his game. It is top dressed with around 9 lbs. of infill and rolled that compress the blades creating the bent grass system. And the best feature of this product is it gets better and better.