Are you the kind of person who looks forward to the weekend because you can’t wait to get the lawnmower out of the garage and cut the grass? Or are you the kind of person who loves looking at an expanse of green luscious grass but dreads having to cut it? My guess is that you fall into the latter category as quite frankly, I’ve never met anyone who enjoys cutting their lawn.

This is possibly why a large number of people have started to consider the advantages and disadvantages of using synthetic grass. It still looks green and luscious, but you don’t have to cut it every week, or worry about taking the grass clippings to the local recycling centre. One major concern, for pet owners, is whether their beloved four legged friends will take kindly to having fake grass. Will they still be as enthusiastic about going into the garden and how long will it be before they completely destroy it?

For dogs and cats, a fake lawn is actually much better, especially when it comes to letting them out for their daily exercise or to go to the toilet. You might be wondering why this is so. Let’s see if we can explain.

The best thing about synthetic grass is that it’s permeable. Any liquid put on the surface, I don’t think I need to spell it out exactly what I’m referring to, drains straight through. And if the deposit is more substantial, again no explanation necessary, it can be cleaned and disinfected with water using a hose pipe. No need to worry about pooping and scooping and then having to dispose of it in your bin. A fake lawn won’t be troubled with yellowing patches or stains. And there won’t be a path worn into the surface from the constant traffic a real lawn has to suffer.

Another bonus from having a fake lawn is it will cut down on pests. Your pets might not worry about the different surface. But fleas and ticks will hate it. And let’s not forget all those muddy footprints that are the plague of every pet owner. When the rain falls, and let’s face it this happens quite often in the UK, you won’t have to keep cleaning the floor and telling poor pussy not to get up on the sofa.

Synthetic grass comes in all shapes and sizes, but is only available in the colour green. You can choose the length of the individual grass stems, how dense it is, whether it’s straight, curled or a combination. You can even get grass that is the same as the fake grass used in the main arena of Crufts 2017. How cool is that?

Artificial grass is the perfect low maintenance solution if you’re tired of getting the lawn mower out every weekend, or for those who simply don’t have the time. It will easily weather the test of time, and your four-legged friend won’t be bothered at all that you’ve decided to pick such an easy alternative. And when you look out of your window or sit enjoying a beer in the garden with friends you can be proud of your outside surface that looks good all year round, whatever the weather has thrown at it.