The invention of artificial grass has been life changing for many garden owners, who love the look of a lawn but don’t particularly enjoy mowing. This is all well and good, but how about if you have rabbits? Is it safe for them? Will they eat it? Or can it harm them in any way?

It seems to depend on the rabbit. I’ve had rabbits that are committed chewers and would eat me given half the chance. Other rabbits seem less inclined to trash their surroundings. But it has to remembered that rabbits have a natural propensity for digging, so their safety has to be considered when deciding where to home them.

Some owners have put fake grass inside the hutches with no problems. Others just use it as a garden cover and the rabbits only have access to it when out of their hutches. I’m sure it must be confusing for a rabbit to see all this lovely grass but be unable to use it as a lovely snack! Of course, most animals rely on smell to find food, so it would be pretty obvious to the rabbit that this grass isn’t for eating.

However, certain types of artificial grass would seem to be safer than others. Some products are quite long with the pile being arranged in loops, which could cause problems with teeth or paws getting stuck. Other types are short and much less of a risk is presented. It cleans easily; urine will soak right through and the short pile makes cleaning up solids easy, especially as rabbit solid tend to be pretty, well, solid! For many people this can be the answer to wanting to keep rabbits, but also wishing to have a tidy lawn and garden. Of course, the bunnies will still eat all your flowers and veg, they’ll still dig up your flowerbeds and maybe they’ll leave the over-spill all over you nice new fake lawn. But generally, most problems of muddy rabbit runs or lawns can be avoided by the careful use of a fake grass product.

It’s advisable to keep an eye on the rabbits to make sure they don’t nibble. Artificial grass is made of synthetic materials that if ingested could lead to problems, but there are lots of the things around the garden that are designed to cause us worry about our pets, and the use of fake grass could become just one more. But with careful consideration and supervision there’s no reason to see it as any more dangerous than providing fabric blankets or linoleum, which some people use to line their hutches.

Rabbits are inquisitive and will chew on most things, but when given enough fodder to munch, enough food and perhaps a nice flake of hay, then there’s no reason why they should persist with eating artificial grass after any initial curiosity. As always with any animal, thinking ahead is key, and keeping an eye on things is essential. We all want to keep our pets safe, but we also want our gardens to look nice. Artificial grass on your lawn may well be the perfect compromise.